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Instruments and Ensembles for Weddings

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The Great Lakes Chamber Players specializes in high quality music in Michigan for strings and strings with woodwinds, brass, and harp. Solo violin and cello are also available. We can perform for your wedding ceremony, reception, or corporate event. Listed below are possible combinations of instruments for your wedding, such as duets, trios and quartets. Please feel free to contact us to discuss other possibilities.


String duet (violin/cello), flute/cello, cello/harp

String trios (violin/violin/cello, violin/viola/cello), flute/violin/cello, trumpet/violin/cello,

String quartet (2 violins/viola/cello), flute/three strings,
trumpet/2 strings, harp/flute/violin/cello

String quintet (2 violins/viola/2 cellos), trumpet/fours strings,

String Chamber Orchestra with Trumpet
Guaranteed to make the bride feel like the Queen of Sheeba!
4 violins/2 violas/2cellos/1 double bass/trumpet,
6 violins/3 violas/3 cellos/1 double bass/trumpet

Choosing the Perfect Ensemble for Your Event

The proper choice of ensemble depends on the location of the wedding, the number of guests, and your own personal tastes. Below are some ideas. For more information please see our planning music for wedding reception page.

Small family wedding at private residence: Solo cello, violin/cello duet, flute/cello duet, harp/cello.

Outdoor wedding: String trio, string quartet, flute trio (flute/violin/cello), trumpet plus string trio, trumpet plus string quartet.

Small wedding in small church: Violin/cello duet, flute/cello duet, string trio, cello/piano.

Large wedding in large church: String quartet, trumpet plus string trio, trumpet plus string quartet, organ plus strings and trumpet.

Small reception: String trio, flute trio (flute/violin/cello), cello/piano.

Large reception: String quartet, flute quartet (flute with string trio), piano trio(violin/cello/piano), piano quartet (violin/viola/cello/piano).

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